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Puzzle of the Month

Stamps- November

At the campground - July

Bengal Tiger - March

Chicago Subway - December

Classic Cars - February

Day at the Beach - May

Getting There - April

Good Housekeeping - January

Instruments - August

North American Travel - September

Pheasant Hunt - October

Puppy Wars - June
"When Lise stood up at the Northbrook Chamber meeting for some reason I got the impression that she could design a spectacular gift basket for one person or maybe a small group of people. Little did I know she has huge capabilities and loves orders of 2,000 baskets. And here's the thing -- tisket, a tasket every basket is a work of art filled with delights everyone loves.
I don't just love Basketworks; I lurve Basketworks.
Jim Ardito, President Ardito Creative Enterprises "

Puzzle of the Month

Looking for a great gift for a puzzle lover?  We are thrilled to present this great selection of jigsaw puzzles, both individually and as a Puzzle of the Month assortment.   Jigsaw puzzles have been proven to hone cognitive function, maintain brain health, and trigger good feelings - for all ages!   A perfect gift for anyone.

Select from:
  • Single puzzle - we will send this month's selection.
  • Four months of puzzles - two 500 and two 1000 (quarterly)
  • Six months of 500 piece puzzles (every other month)
  • Six months of 1000 piece puzzles (every other month)
  • A full year of puzzles - six 500 piece puzzles and six 1000 piece puzzles

Puzzles ship via USPost.  Subscriptions ordered after the 20th of the month will begin the following month.   Price includes all shipping.

As Pictured: $25.00

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